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The University of Maribor botanic garden is divided into seven big units, where each one represents a special plant collection or a special kind of habitat. The woodland near the entrance provides shade for rhododendrons, hydrangeas and some other ornamental shrubs. The systematic area contains the plant taxonomy of over fifty beds or so-called systematic fields. The rock garden was build and planted to make room for native alpine taxa and other rock-garden plants. It is divided into three main parts. Every part entails different taxa and different characteristic ground minerals (granodiorite, limestone and serpentinite).
There is also a water and bog plant collection where one can observe the most common species of aquatic and semiaquatic plant taxa. There is also a medical garden with sixty-six different medicinal plants. The rosarium is a popular part of the garden, presenting the taxa from the rose family (Rosaceae). The collection holds nearly one hundred cultivars of roses and many other useful and ornamental members of the Rosaceae family. The biggest part of the garden is planted with conifers, a great collection of pine-trees, spruces and cedars.
The garden is open for all visitors who can attend lectures and it is an ideal place for Sunday walks and friendly meetings, for relaxing, and enjoying nature.

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Interreg Slovenia - Austria